Exact Z scale (1:220th) military models


The M48 Patton tank was designed to replace the previous M47 Pattons and M4 Shermans. Although largely resembling the M47, the M48 Patton was a completely new tank design. Nearly 12,000 M48s were built from 1952 to 1959. The early designs, up to the M48A2C's, were powered by a 12 cylinder petrol engine.

Its upgrade potential ensured that the M48 Patton battle tank remained in service from the mid 1950s onwards. Not only in the US but also in the German army it formed the backbone of the armoured forces for many years.

Kampfpanzer M48A2C: Served together with the M47 starting in the late 1950s (the M47 was replaced by the Leopard 1). Still in use in 1975 by many West German Army units including the 124th Panzer Battalion.

When the Leopard 2 came into service they were sent to the Heimat-Schutzbrigaden ("home defence brigades") of the Territorialheer (Territorial Army). Many were later upgraded to M48A2GA2 standard.

The Z scale model is very accurate and highly detailed.