Exact Z scale (1:220th) military models


This 188 ton super-heavy tank was designed by Ferdinand Porsche. An interesting engineering exercise, but of little practical value. It's main gun was the 12.8cm KwK44 which had approximately twice the muzzle energy of the long barrelled (L/71) 88mm gun fitted to the Tiger 2. It's armour was up to 240mm thick. Only 2 tanks were completed before the war ended (one is now in the Kubinka tank museum, Russia). This tank could only be transported via rail on a special 14-axle wagon, which I intend modelling in the future. The model Maus measures 42mm long (excluding the barrel), 16mm wide and 17mm tall.

The tanks are cast in a grey plastic which has ideal properties; it is light yet strong and accurately reproduces the full detail of the master prototype. Being light (each tank weighs about 7 grammes) allows the tanks to be put on Z scale wagons and pulled by locomotives.